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Complete Your Scientific Graduate Degree

FREE Checklist: Learn my entire process to convert my data to a published research paper.

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Are you ready to know exactly what you need to do to complete your research papers quickly?

5 Benefits of this Checklist:

  • Stop wasting time
  • Know what you need to do
  • Decrease Revisions
  • Create amazing scientific papers easily
  • Relieve your stress

3 Things This Guide

will Help Accomplish:

  • Write complete scientific papers
  • Write your paper in the correct format
  • Create a story in each paper


This checklist includes the exact steps that I used to write and publish all of my published first authored papers!


"If you struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, or impostor syndrome, Dr. Alana Rister's program will walk through the process of preparing to write your thesis step-by-step and will gradually aid you in realizing that this daunting task is something that you are ready to tackle. In addition, mapping out in detail when I am to complete each step of the writing process was greatly helpful and will help me to hold myself accountable to each step of the process."

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