Start Collecting Consistent Publishable Data On Your Own Research Ideas in a Month


Discover the proven 3 step process to create publishable and feasible research ideas in a week even if you don't know your research field!
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I used to be terrified that I wouldn't find research ideas.

When I started graduate school, I was so concerned that I wouldn't find research ideas. Would others be willing to give me their ideas?

Would I fail out of graduate school because I never developed ideas?

Did I even belong in research or graduate school?

Now, I can develop research ideas on command...

I have generated hundreds of research ideas, but more importantly, I know which ones are actually worth pursuing.

Better yet, I have learned how to turn my idea into a research plan and consistently research my idea.

I created a system to learn new research fields, generate new ideas while I am learning the field, and then determine which ideas are worth pursuing.

If you want to be able to develop your own ideas and test your ideas, I want to share this system with you!

Introducing: Research Accelerator

Develop and Test Your Research Idea

Learn your field, develop endless research ideas, and find your winning idea!

Create a Research Plan

Create a no-fail research plan to ensure your work is publishable.

Consistently Make Progress

Learn my system for how I made consistent research in three different fields.

Here's what this product will help you with: 

  • Learning your research field in a couple weeks
  • Developing research ideas while you are learning your field
  • Testing your research ideas to find your winning idea
  • Creating a research plan so that you can test your idea with the least amount of effort.
  • Developing systems to allow you to consistently test your idea to finish your project without burning out.


  • A notion template to organize your references for your research papers.


"I loved the module "Develop Endless Research Ideas!" I'm really glad that Dr. Rister addressed the misconceptions about research ideas. I always felt intimidated to come up with ideas because I thought it had to be super different. Now I know how to come up with good research ideas and how to pick the ones that I find are interesting."

- Brittany




  • Research Accelerator Video course 
  • Audio files so that you can podcast the course
  • PDF slides for the course
  • Access to course updates

Payment Plan


for 3 months

  • Research Accelerator Video course 
  • Audio files so that you can podcast the course
  • PDF slides for the course
  • Access to course updates

Are you ready to feel confident in starting your research?


In a month, you could be making consistent progress on researching your novel research idea.

You could feel confident every day knowing exactly what you need to do to complete your research.


You can be exactly where you are right now. You could still be wondering if you will ever find your research idea or complete your research project.

If you are ready to feel confident as a researcher and start generating publishable data, join the research accelerator today!


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