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How to consistently get results on your research ideas in as little as a month...

Even if you have never generated a research idea before!
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Did you know that any research paper could give you a publishable research idea? 

Seriously, once you know how to generate research ideas, you can generate new ideas from any review, research paper, presentation, or scientific conversation.

Here is the problem you face: You don't know how to efficiently complete your research. Therefore, you focus on the tips for success, like reading hundreds of papers, instead of a system for generating publishable research.

This means that you will spend the majority of your time doing things that make you feel productive but do not deliver results. Therefore, you will stay stressed, burned out, and believe that you are always behind. 

Luckily for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to Research Accelerator, a revolutionary course that helps everyday researchers and graduate students generate research ideas and get results consistently in as little as a month.

Introducing: Research Accelerator

Generate Your Research Idea

Learn your field, develop endless research ideas, and find your winning idea!

Create a Research Plan

Create a no-fail research plan to ensure your work is publishable.

Make Consistent 


Learn my system for how I made consistent research in three different fields.

What is included in Research Accelerator: 

  • 27 bite-sized lessons so that you can learn at your own pace which means you can keep the same schedule you have now.
  • Easily find and read research papers and reviews so that you can focus on getting results in your research
  • Generate ideas from any source so that you can have an endless stream of research ideas to pull from
  • Test your research ideas so that you can save yourself from pursuing a dead-end project.
  • Create a research plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your project.
  • Live a productive schedule so that you can spend more time doing what you love and preventing burnout!
  • Deep-dive tutorial into Notion so that you can create and customize tables and dashboards to manage projects and life your way.
  • Access to get your questions answered so that you always feel supported in your research journey.


  • Notion templates so that you have a jumpstart on organizing your literature and research projects.
  • Literature organization system so that you can always find the knowledge you need.

"I loved the module "Develop Endless Research Ideas!" I'm really glad that Dr. Rister addressed the misconceptions about research ideas. I always felt intimidated to come up with ideas because I thought it had to be super different. Now I know how to come up with good research ideas and how to pick the ones that I find are interesting."

- Brittany

Choose the Plan that Fits Your Resources

I am now offering Research Accelerator on a sliding scale! This means that you can select from the full price of the course, 25% off, or 50% off based on your budget.

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  • Research Accelerator Video course 
  • PDF slides for the course
  • Access to course updates

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Same course on a sliding scale based on your resources. Apply 50% off the course.

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Are you ready to feel confident in starting your research?


In a month, you could be making consistent progress on researching your novel research idea.

You could feel confident every day knowing exactly what you need to do to complete your research.


You can be exactly where you are right now. You could still be wondering if you will ever find your research idea or complete your research project.

If you are ready to feel confident as a researcher and start generating publishable data, join the research accelerator today!


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