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How to Find and Develop Endless Research Ideas

Every research project begins as a research idea. Therefore, to become a successful researcher, it is important to be able to develop research ideas.

Many people see the development of research ideas as something that only certain people can do; however, the truth is that the ability to develop research ideas is a skill. It takes time and practice to develop this skill. Asking others for topics and ideas does not allow you to build this skill set.

There are a few different ways to develop the skills of creating research ideas and with practice, you could develop new research ideas...

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How to Write a Successful Research Proposal

In my first semester of graduate school, I wrote a research proposal for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program. I had no guidance on how to write a proposal for this very competitive fellowship program. Many websites seem to contradict each other on the guidance that they gave. Ultimately, I was unsuccessful at attaining the fellowship.

The next semester, after I had written multiple academic papers, I then applied for an NIH T-32 Predoctoral Fellowship. When I started working on my proposal, I felt like I had learned more about what I had done wrong on...

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Research Paper vs. Research Proposals: 3 Key Differences

Research Papers and proposals can be very difficult and frustrating to write. However, while they may create similar emotions, they are very different, and understanding these differences is important.

There are three important differences between research papers and proposals, which are the timeframe, purpose, and structure.

First, the time that you write a research paper and proposal is different. This is the difference that most people are aware of. For a research paper, you want to start writing this when you have finished all of the data collection. On the other hand, research...

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