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How to Find and Develop Endless Research Ideas

Every research project begins as a research idea. Therefore, to become a successful researcher, it is important to be able to develop research ideas.

Many people see the development of research ideas as something that only certain people can do; however, the truth is that the ability to develop research ideas is a skill. It takes time and practice to develop this skill. Asking others for topics and ideas does not allow you to build this skill set.

There are a few different ways to develop the skills of creating research ideas and with practice, you could develop new research ideas...

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How to Write a Successful Research Proposal

In my first semester of graduate school, I wrote a research proposal for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program. I had no guidance on how to write a proposal for this very competitive fellowship program. Many websites seem to contradict each other on the guidance that they gave. Ultimately, I was unsuccessful at attaining the fellowship.

The next semester, after I had written multiple academic papers, I then applied for an NIH T-32 Predoctoral Fellowship. When I started working on my proposal, I felt like I had learned more about what I had done wrong on...

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