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4 Steps to Publishing Pilot Studies in Peer Reviewed Journals

The biggest focus of graduate students or researchers is publishing. However, researchers often fear that their study won’t give them the results they want. 

What if you pursue a project and you won’t be able to publish it later? 

This article will walk you through how to publish studies that are traditionally difficult to publish: pilot studies and negative results. 

Step 1: Find Your Story 

The very first step is to find the story in your results or your research.  

If you're struggling with creating a story, I suggest you download my scientific...

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How To Know If You Should Leave Your PhD Program

The majority of Ph.D. students think about leaving during their time as graduate students.

Initially in graduate school, I felt like I didn’t have any control over my life. Every little setback made me feel like a complete failure. I felt like I didn’t belong in my Ph.D. program.

It seems impossible to be able to objectively look at your own progress while you are going through graduate school. Therefore, I want to share some advice if you are thinking about leaving your Ph.D. program.

Reasons I Wanted to Leave

If you are debating whether to leave or not, I want to share reasons...

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Stop Being A Good Grad Student and Become a Successful One


When you first start a new experience, there are a lot of new things going on and it may be difficult to know exactly how to act through this new experience. This is especially the case when you are first entering graduate school.

Before you enter grad school, everyone tells you how different it is from undergrad. Generally, telling you how much harder grad school is going to be!

When you first walk into the doors of your first classroom or lab, you may feel lost and like you are already behind. How do you figure out how to be successful in grad school?

What most of us will do is...

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